Development and evaluation of a selective medium for Brucella suis

Ana Cristina Ferreira, Cláudia Almendra, Regina Cardoso, Marta Silva Pereira, Albano Beja-Pereira, Gordon Luikart, Maria Inácia Corrêa de Sá

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A new selective medium, named LNIV-M, has been developed for isolation of Brucella suis. In this work, we evaluated the growth of B. suis reference and field strains from domestic pigs in different basal media and the susceptibility to different antibiotics contained in the currently used Farrell's and modified Thayer-Martin media. We also determined the efficacy of LNIV-M and its diagnostic performance for isolating B. suis from wild boar tissue samples. A total of 1649 samples from 918 hunter-harvested wild boars were cultured in LNIV-M, Farrell's and modified Thayer-Martin media. One hundred and thirty-nine (8.4%) samples from 63 (6.9%) animals resulted in a positive culture. LNIV-M detected 93.6% and 62.6% of positive animals and samples, respectively, while Farrell's and modified Thayer-Martin media detected, respectively, 92.1% and 79.4% of positive animals and 58.3% and 59.7% of samples. These results confirm the adequate diagnostic performance of LNIV-M in the isolation of B. suis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)565-567
Number of pages3
JournalResearch in Veterinary Science
Issue number2
StatePublished - Oct 2012


  • Bacteriological diagnosis
  • Brucella suis
  • Selective medium
  • Wild boar


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